Easier Said Than Done

A lot has happened since my last ‘venturing to the desk to write’!

And as I often say to friends, I don’t even have to leave the house for it all to happen. There has been much happening in the world of family, close friends, associates and others. It’s something that I am aware is occurring in the lives of most too. It’s a time of testing, of resolving, a time of making important decisions, a time of embracing, and a time of refraining from embracing.

At the end of the day – in these testing and challenging times in which we live – it’s yet another profound season of shifting, and sifting. A season of letting go and making decisions and working out what is significant and important, and what really doesn’t matter.

And as a consequence of such things it’s a time to be brave. Easier said than done I know as we each face the fears of our insecurities, of our doubts, our past issues and the decisions that we each must make to walk into the future in liberty, and leave behind the hurts and issues of yesterday. It’s a time to find the peace to live in the here and now – despite all that has happened, and is happening around us – and chart a course for the days ahead.

Importantly, I have realised that it’s time to no longer live as a consequence of the actions of others. Easier said than done! But it’s essential to peace of mind, sanity, identity.

It’s also a time to remember all the good we have walked through, all that we have accomplished, overcome, achieved and set as a foundation for our lives. If I was to ever have a tattoo on my arm it would be the word ‘remember’ as a constant reminder of what I have been brought through, what I have been protected from, what I can accomplish. It would be a constant reminder of faith and divine protection and guidance – something that we can each take a hold of and embrace passionately if we should so choose to do so. Easier said than done I know, but well worth every effort we can exert.

I have come to this wonderful place of realisation which I share in the prayer that it might help others … even if it is only just one.

Indeed I have come to the understanding (actually I’ve know it all my life but I obviously need to proclaim it openly, publically, with a sense of freedom without consequence or reservation) that the key to happiness, contentment and peace in the here and now is so simple. It’s equally profound. And it seems to be something that so few ‘get’.

The key to true inner peace, and happiness and might I even suggest health, wellbeing, good fortune and abundant blessings is as simple as ‘integrity’. To simply treat others with dignity and respect. To go beyond the call for the joy and benefit of knowing that you have helped another, treated another in the same way as you would want to be treated. To sow the greatest of all gifts and that is love … to love one another just as we are each eternally loved.

And the consequences of not doing so?

Well. I see it all around me. Strife, unhappiness, bad health, a world of endless difficulties. I hear the constant calls of ‘poor me’, ‘what about me’, ‘it’s all about me’! But I say … no it’s NOT!

It’s easier said that done I admit. But in this world of such dramatic change, of disenfranchisement, of isolation, of people being hurt by the so-called technological changes ‘for the better’ (I think not!) and the struggles we all face each and every day, it’s a time of calling to arms. To cleave to those around us that are of integrity, who truly do treat others with unconditional love and respect, and to be brave to let those who don’t go from our personal worlds.

It’s OK to do so. It’s healing. It’s essential. It’s a breaking of old patterns and charting new directions. Indeed it’s easier said than done but the consequences of not doing so will see each of us ‘stuck in the mire’ … continuing to struggle, continuing to be held in the past. And that’s not good for any of us.

So, today I throw down the gauntlet. Time to live beyond, to remember the victories and cleave to them. To be brave and not react in old ways but find new means of determination, gratitude, mutual love and respect.

Easier said than done I know. But Isn’t it worth it?

Until next time

Rick xxxx



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