A Prayer for 2022

An unexpected prayer for the coming year – but one so sincere and formulated from past victories, the getting of wisdom and pain …

May those who have harmed and hurt us in this past year and beyond become a distant memory, forgiven, released and even forgotten.

May those who have revealed themselves and their true heart, integrity and purity be embraced all the more in the coming year.

May the lessons be learnt and may the ‘casting of pearls before swine’ and doing all we can for those who don’t appreciate our heart and efforts come to an end, as we clear the way to invest in those who offer ‘pearls for our pearls, love for our love, appreciation for our appreciation’ and who treat us just as we ourselves want to be treated … just as we treat others.

May there be peace in our hearts and revelation in our souls that it is fine and fitting to let those who are not kindred go, as we make room and cultivate a space and an enduring place for those who will be our companions on the journey that the coming, exciting year promises!