Rick Rutherford’s Country Christmas at Wroxton

It’s a celebration of the festive season at ‘Wroxton’ – my own home – and as I have been able to tell
within its pages, the book came about
as a consequence of many wonderful people
guiding me … from the nurturing of the concept
all the way through to seeing it materialise
in its printed form.

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Rick Rutherford country collections
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Author’s Note

Rick Rutherford’s Country Christmas at ‘Wroxton’ has evolved to become something much more than it was ever intended to be. It has become a personal exposé centred around the celebration of the season within my country home of ‘Wroxton’… a celebration that is eagerly anticipated and nurtured along by both myself and the many wonderful kindred souls with whom I am able to share it with each year. It is my great delight and honour to be able to share it with you all through its pages.


Heritage of Home
Making Preparations
Time of Arrivals
Celebration Central
Kitchen Concerns
To Rest A Weary Head
Americana Made
Breakfast On The Morn
Gathering For The Meal
A Child At Heart
On The Outside
Creative Spaces
On Reflection
Rick Rutherford country collections“From home to home and heart to heart, from one place to another … the warmth and joy of Christmas brings us closer to each other.” The words of Emily Matthews perfectly express the reason for sharing Christmas at ‘Wroxton’ through the pages of the book. So many times readers ofAustralian Country Collections have asked me what my home is like and just how do I celebrate the season. Close friends know that of all the different celebrations of the year, Christmas is my favourite, and the interior colours of my house and many of the other aspects of its décor reflect this love — not just during the holiday season but throughout the year.

The following are extracts from the book:

Heritage of Home

“Born in the shadow of Wroxton Abbey in Oxfordshire in the picturesque English Cotswolds, Betty called her home Wroxton so as to bring a little piece of England with her when she and her husband settled in Australia after the First World War … Undoubtedly, Wroxton made an impression on me, obviously more than I knew.”

Rick Rutherford country collections

Time of Arrival

“I’ll be home for Christmas.” The idea of homecoming is essential to the celebration of the season, whether it be a return to the family property after an extended period of time away or simply the warm greeting presented to all who arrive at the door, genuinely welcomed and enthusiastically embraced to come share the joy and friendship of the home and those who dwell within. Such a feeling is essential to the Christmas spirit at Wroxton — on both sides of the front door.”

Rick Rutherford country collections

Kitchen Concerns

“The kitchen is, without doubt, the heart of the country home. Not only do food storage and preparation happen here; it’s the centre where everyone congregates, the very core of the house to which all are mysteriously drawn. This is certainly the case at Wroxton, for around the kitchen table many a problem has been solved, strategy devised, situation lamented and tonnes of laughter had.”

Rick Rutherford country collections

Celebration Central

“It is said that Christmas is the most emotional season of all, drawing upon the deepest feelings we possess towards our family, our friends, our home and even our past. At Wroxton all of these come together in the gathering centre of the house — the lounge and adjoining dining area which flows from it — as family and friends congregate to share laughter and one another’s company, and as special trappings help bring to mind others across the seas and distant in time.”

Rick Rutherford country collections

To Rest a Weary Head

“Christmas brings with it many wonderful visitors, the place to lay their head being the guest bedroom which has a decided textile theme. I’m a firm believer in decorating a guest room with the same attention to detail as lavished on every other part of the house.”

Rick Rutherford country collections

On the Outside

“Any successful garden must be seen as much more than just healthy hedges and pretty perennials. Rather, it should be regarded as an extension of the indoor living space, worthy of the same attention to detail and decorating care lavished on interior rooms. I heartily concur and add that, at Christmas, there’s absolutely no reason one’s decorating efforts can’t be extended to take in a variety of outdoor aspects.”

Rick Rutherford country collections

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