We Are All In This Together!

It has been ages since I’ve been here. And how life – and the world – has changed since last time!

This has always been my ‘safe place’ to come … to ruminate, to share, to process and to make sense of the world around me. But how does one make sense of the present world in which we live? I’m no ‘master of understatement’ when I say that not a lot has made sense for all of us in recent days!

The world in which we collectively exist has changed dramatically. The private world in which I live has been turned on its head. Thus it has been a struggle to sit and write, to express and share, but now I must …

Since the last time I wrote here so much has happened I find I almost need to consult my diary and read back over the events of each day to make sense and process how I have got to be where I am now. I find myself in a ‘different place and state’ than could have ever been anticipated or expected at the start of the year. It’s a place to which I have come as a result of global and communal circumstances as much as it has been a consequence of personal events.

Like the rest of the earth’s population, the majority of the happenings of recent times have been totally out of my control, rendering me (just like the majority) feeling helpless, trapped, even victimised in many ways. And in the wash up also so very blessed.

So now I declare a line in the sand!!!

 I might not be able to change the circumstances and events of life and the world in which we all live, but I can darn well change the way in which I react, as well as the way I daily perceive all that is happening around me within this crazy world.

‘Reaction’ is actually a very pertinent word to focus on in the current climate of pandemic, post bush fires, economic struggle and in a world in which so many are struggling whilst others blatantly flout care and concern for others and act out of self interest and disregard for those around them.

Living in the Blue Mountains of NSW I accept the fact we are a tourist destination and I have long celebrated the fact that some many are drawn to this wonderful place to partake of its wondrous natural sights, scenes, climate and its many manmade attractions, towns and villages.

But really people! How about showing a little consideration and concern for your fellow man by doing a little ‘distancing’ and thinking of those around you. And this even applies to locals who carry on as if the world has not been changed by a virus that is no respecter of race, creed, age or orientation. If the slogan ‘We’ll get through this together’ means anything, so many need to start thinking about what ‘together’ means and less about ‘it’s all about me’.

The reality is, nothing has really changed in the world as I see it, even with a pandemic threat. Way before any of this occurred I saw so much lack of concern and compassion for one’s fellow man. It really broke me heart, and sadly continues to do so.

And as such, when there is the glimmer of concern, consideration and care expressed between people, it’s something to be celebrated, rejoiced, cherished and embraced.

But really, such a situation should not be. How did humanity ever get to such a place? How did we get to a stage where there are public rallies in streets across the nation with the mantra that basically espouses the philosophy of ‘it’s my life and I’ll do what I want’. How can others espouse a proclamation that their own personal freedom is tantamount and I really don’t care who I offend, disturb, upset or even put in danger’!!!’

I ask, how on earth did humanity come to this place?

How did we collectively reach a place in our humanity where people have fought over such trivial things as toilet paper and canned food?

I think of my cherished brother who has sat in a 13th floor apartment for 8 months and conducted his job with dignity and compassion for all around him. I have continued to encourage him by stressing that at least, as in generations gone by, he has not gone to bed each night with the threat that he might be bombed, raided or have to eek out an existence on food rations as our grandparents did during times of Depression, war and famine.

Putting it all in perspective we each have to be so very grateful and thankful to the Good Lord above that we have navigated a pandemic – which has changed the world in which we live – to have hope on the horizon that all will go back to ‘normal’ soon. My greatest prayer is that the definition of normal will be different to what it was prior to the global events of 2020 … that normal will truly mean a respect of those with whom we share this earthly realm. That we will each regard the care and safety of others with the same urgency and concern as we regard the protection of ourselves, and that we will truly embrace the truth of ‘we are all in this together’ as a way of moving forward … that we have each learnt valuable lessons from this tumultuous season in our existence and human history.

It is up to each individual as I see it. And if we don’t learn to care and respect each other as a consequence of all that has occurred this year, rest assured the lesson will be taught again – more profound and more extreme – in the future, until the end of time.

And that, dear friends, is a prophecy of Biblical proportions that can be embraced, acknowledged, observed and understood. We can only change what we have in the here and now if we do truly embrace a care, respect, love and understanding of each other and finally accept the challenge of all being ‘in this together’ rather than an egocentric belief that one exists alone, for one’s own, and one can do whatever one wants, irrespective of how it impacts one’s fellow man.

If love makes any sense, it’s a Christ love we are now each challenged to understand and accept. For without it our world will surely fail.

May it be true of who we are in this time and place in history … that we are truly in this together!

Until next time

Rick xxx